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FAQ about Puppycoin (PUP)

What is Puppycoin?

Puppycoin (PUP) is an advanced cryptocurrency that uses the Quark algorithm for security and incorporates a two-tier network system with Masternodes and Proof of Stake (POS). It aims to offer fast transactions, enhanced privacy, and democratic governance through decentralized community involvement.

How does Puppycoin improve on traditional cryptocurrencies?

Puppycoin builds on the foundations of previous digital currencies by offering:

  • Reduced Transaction Times: Utilizing a two-tier system to speed up transaction confirmations.

  • Increased Security: Leveraging the Quark algorithm and robust Masternode network to enhance security.

  • Democratic Governance: Allowing community members to vote on significant network changes and proposals.

What are Masternodes and how do they work?

Masternodes are powerful servers backed by collateral held in PUP and are responsible for running the network's core services, which include enabling instant transactions and increasing privacy. Operators of Masternodes earn rewards for their services in the form of PUP coins.

What is the benefit of staking PUP in the POS system?

Staking PUP helps secure the network by verifying transactions and blocks. Stakers are rewarded with a portion of the block rewards, incentivizing the holding and active management of PUP.

How can I set up a Masternode?

To set up a Masternode, you need:

  • 100,000 PUP as collateral.

  • A server or VPS with a static IP address.

  • Follow detailed setup instructions provided in the Puppycoin Masternode setup guide (link to guide).

What are the technical specifications of Puppycoin?

  • Algorithm: Quark

  • Block Time: 60 seconds

  • Maturity: 240 blocks

  • RPC Port: 24111

  • P2P Port: 24222

  • Collateral for Masternode: 100,000 PUP

How is the block reward distributed?

The block reward is split between Masternodes and POS stakers:

  • 60% to Masternodes

  • 40% to POS stakers

What is the total supply of Puppycoin?

The maximum supply of Puppycoin is 1.8 billion PUP, with a premined amount of 234 million PUP used to transition from the old POW system and for future airdrops.

What will happen to the premined PUP? The premined coins will be distributed to holders of the old POW Puppycoin and used for community airdrops to promote widespread adoption and increase user base.

Where can I buy Puppycoin?

Puppycoin can be purchased on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Please check our  list of supported exchanges.

How can I participate in Puppycoin governance?

Any holder of PUP can participate in governance decisions through our decentralized voting platform. By staking your coins, you gain the ability to vote on proposals that will shape the future of the Puppycoin network.

Are there any planned upgrades for Puppycoin?

Yes, ongoing improvements and feature additions are planned for Puppycoin. Upcoming changes and enhancements are discussed and voted on by the community. Stay informed by joining our official channels (links to social media).

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